Welcome to! It is my aim to make this site the "go to" place for language learning and get you on your way to becoming a competent linguist.

I review language courses, and recommend to you those that actually work. I have personally tried and tested many courses and many ways of learning. I've also spent lots of money! I dont want you to waste yours, therefore, is here.

There are links for you to buy courses via here and you'll also be able to buy from my personal collection of rare material that is not available elsewhere!!
Learn a language with Linguaphone 16 Languages to choose from and prices to suit any budget. See why it's the method of chose for thousands of students and my honest review here.
Learn a language with Pimsleur A popular choice for language lovers, developed by Dr Paul Pimsleur and scientificly proven to work. Used by the FBI and thousands of people around the world. See why it's one of the most sucessful language courses on the planet.
Learn a language with Assimil They have huge following in the polyglot community, their approach is simple, fun and effective. See why by clicking here.
Learn a language Michel Thomas Discover a method thats fast and effective. This method was created and perfected by decorated war hero and nazi hunter Michel Thomas. Thousands of people, including diplomats, celebrities and aristocrats, have learned languages with this method - and what you learn you don't forget.
Learn a language with Teach Yourself Founded in 1938 the Teach Yourself series of instruction books are constantly being refined and updated to bring you the very best in self study material. Click here to see why you should be studying with them.
Learn a language with Rosetta Stone One of the most popular choices for students and first time learners. Rosetta Stone is completely PC based and teaches you another language the same way you learned your native one. Click here to see if it's right for you.
Learn a language Fluenz One of the newest language courses to hit the market and they're a major force to be reconned with. Learn to not only speak, but read and write too. Plus you get a 1 on 1 tutor on screen who isnt just a pretty face.
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Learn a language the LingQ way One of the few language learning method created by a self taught Polyglot that is remarkable effective, fun, interesting and all online. You can even access it via an app on your mobile phone or tablet.
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