The Forein Service Institute is a collection of language instruction courses produced by the United States government for government personel overseas, spies, FBI agents and anyone who needed to learn the language FAST. The instruction method is repetitive and drill based but the method really does work.
What's great about the FSI courses is that you KNOW they're going to work. Why? Because it was created by the US government and kept a secret! It's that effective. But it gets better... THE COURSES ARE NOW IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN!! That's right, you can download FSI courses for FREE right here.

There's currently 45 languages to choose from. The books are in PDF format and the audio in mp3. Do yourself a favour and get hold of these courses. You cant lose.
While we're on the subject... have you ever seen adverts on eBay like this?...
Well, 99% of the time they're selling FSI courses - WHICH ARE FREE TO DOWNLOAD FROM THEIR WEBSITE. I mean, why sell it so low? Obviously they've got it for free somewhere and they're trying to rip you off.

Please dont be taken in by such cons. You can download FSI courses by clicking here. Feast your eyes, ears and brain.
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