Fluenz is one of the newer courses on the market. I must admit, when I read about them I was sceptial. But I was wrong to be so, Fluenz is THE ONLY course I've come accross that utilizes all various methods of learning in one professionally produced package... watching, listening and writing. It's like being in front of a private tutor. And the tutor is a native speaker of the language you're looking to learn which is a bonus.
The courses are in five levels, and each level is made up of 29 lessons. Each lesson takes you about 30 mins to complete.
Each level costs around £180 BUT... like i said it's like having a personal tutor in front of you all the way and it is actually interesting a fun. A one-on-one session with a tutor in your home or a class would cost you a lot more than that for 29 lessons.
I feel it's like someones taken Rosetta Stone, noticed what wasn't working and made it better.
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Speak correctly. The tutor is a native, and as such they are able to explain any little perculiarities in the language perfectly.

Teaching method. The lessons are structured to get you speaking, reading and writing in the language.

Easy to use. You can revisit lessons if you didn’t quite get it last time. There are 29 lessons per level and each lesson lasts about 30mins. It’s like having a private tutor.


Price. Each courses costs around £180. Have a look on amazon or eBay for bargains though.

Progression in the language is slower than others. If you're looking to learn quickly for holidays or travel then Michel Thomas or Pimsleur is your best bet.
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