Here is a collection of free stuff you can download from me. As I go on collecting language courses sometimes I end up with incomplete or random courses that I may as well share with you all. If you happen to have any of the missing parts for these courses please let me know.
Linguaphone Vintage Polish - Coursebook and Grammar Book only
I bought this on eBay years ago, unfortunately I got scammed. The seller didnt send me the records and one of the books was missing. I've never seen another copy anywhere else.
Linguaphone Vintage Afrikaan - Books only
This course was sent to me by another collector. Unfortunately he didnt have the audio. And neither do I. But it might prove useful to some of you learning Afrikaans.
One of the very best books on how to learn languages correctly. Written by polyglot Barry Farber.
How To Learn Any Language (eBook) by Barry Farber
Gwynnes's Latin by N M Gwynne
A comprehensive and clearly explained tutorial in Latin. Dont bother with any other books to learn Latin - this is the only one that works.