This website has been running for over two years, and in that time i've had the pleasure of making friends with people who visit my site and/or make purchases. Those of you who've bought a course from me on here know that i dont just take your money and send you a product - i'll add more courses to your order for free because i genuinely enjoy learning languages and i know you guys do too and i really want you to get a much pleasure from learning a language as possible.
My customers come from all walks of life and from all over the world - London England to Virginia USA, Sydney Australia to Flanders Belgium, and i appreciate any feedback, language learning advice and tips to improve my website. I dont pretend to be an expert in learning languages, nor do i claim absolute fluency in any, just a passion for them.

As such, sometimes you guys will ask if i have a certain course that's not listed on my website (particularly vintage Linguaphone courses). Although my collection is ever growing, things are slowing down and becoming more and more difficult to find vintage linguaphone courses. Bear in mind that i hunt online and in shops for these courses AND painstakingly scan them, clean them up, split the pages (where possible), transfer the audio from record or casette to mp3 and then list it for sale. This can take weeks to do due to my family commitments and full time work.

Buy YOU can help. Do you have any vintage Linguaphone courses that i dont have on my site? If you do, YOU can help this website grow! If you allow me to borrow the course, back it up and return it to you i would be so grateful you could help yourself to 5 free courses from my site. OR scan/transfer them yourself and get 5 free courses. OR sell them to me for a reasonable price. Either way, its my passion to keep this website going. Remember, there's NOWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD where you can buy the old courses in PDF/mp3 and with a choice this big.

If you think you can help in this way, please send me an email at:

In the meantime, thanks for visiting my site and happy learning:)