Assimil German With Ease
BBC Quickstart German
BBC Deutsch Plus
Colloquial German
Cortina Colloquial German
Linguaphone Modern German
Linguaphone German Advanced Course (Fluency Level)
Linguaphone Vintage German
Michel Thomas German (All Course Levels)
Pimsleur German 1, 2, 3 and 4
Teach Yourself German and Advanced German
German for Dummies
Vocabulearn German
Glossika German
FSI Complete German
Earworms Rapid German
Deutsch Für Ausländer

Basic German Grammar and Workbook
Practie Makes Perfect German Pronouns and Prepositions
Practie Makes Perfect German Verb Tenses
Practie Makes Perfect German Sentence Builder
Practie Makes Perfect German Vocuabulary
Langenscheidt Basic German Vocabulary
Learning German Words
German - An Essential Grammar
Grammar Drills
Modern German Grammar, A Practical Guide
Modern German Grammar Workbook
German Quickly
Grammar Of Contemporary German
Intermediate German Grammar and Workbook
Hammers German Grammar and Usage
Developing German Writing Skills
Companion To 20th Century German Literature
German - A Linguistic Introduction
The Struction Of German
The following courses are delivered on a USB flash drive by mail. The contents of the USB, if you bought the phystical books, CDs etc would cost around £800. All these courses are guarenteed to be the only ones worth buying if you're learning a languge and are highly praised professional languists and language learners.
The brand name and USB capacity will vary depending on the language you bought. The above picture is for illustration purposes only.