Learning a language? What if you had a whole library of books, audio courses and videos at your disposal to learn at your own page in your own home?

And what if, instead of costing you £1000s - all this could cost you only a fraction of that price?

Well, since listing the Polyglot Library for sale along with it's list of ever-growing contents, I've had a number of people email me asking if I sell library's for just one language at a time. At first I held back from doing so because of the sheer work involved in creating them - but now i've bowed to public pressure and I will be offering entire libraries of the language of your choice on one single USB flash drive. This will be mailed to you immediately upon purchse.

Linguaphone, Assimil, Michel Thomas, Pimsleur, Hugo, Cortina, Teach Yourself... the list goes on. Some languages obviously have more material but they all are high quality courses that are guarenteed to make you a competant linguist. The files are in mp3 and pdf format and some have videos too. Im pleased to offer the following language librarys:
Another language will be added every day until i've uploaded all of those I have to offer.