With so many publishing houses out there in the business of producing language courses I bet there are non commercially available that were created by a Polyglot. And certainly not available in the high street. Let's say you decided you were going to learn Spanish. Off you go into your nearst bookstore, or you log on to Amazon and you're bombarded with a whole host of language textbooks, CDs and multimedia that all claim the same thing: "Learn a language the way you learned your own!" (this is actually a ridiculous statement to make because that's not the way we learn a 2nd language after our mother tongue is fully installed - but more on that in another article).
My rating:
The market is flooded with oh so many language courses that are exactly the same as the next one. Sure, any old book or course will provide you with some grammar and vocabulary, but none of them tell you exactly HOW to learn a language. Few tell you how to study effectively and how to pace your learning.

That's where LingQ has hit onto something great. It was created by Steve Kaufman, a Canadian polyglot who speaks 12 languages. And the method you're about to use is the very method he used to learn languages. Let's be very clear from the start though, this is not a "course" as such - it's more like a guide, a suppliment, a compliment to whatever course you're already using. It's completely computer based, although you can access it via an app for mobile phone and tabets, and it basically concentrates on increasing your vocabulary. You choose the language(s) that you want to learn and are presented with a whole host of short stories and artcles written by natives. You can read it alone, you can have it read to you or you can do both (like the Linguaphone method). You click the words you dont know and it gives you the translation and adds it to your collection of words to learn. You can then import those words into flashcards for learning on the move.

Whatsmore, this programme is fun (and i found it almost addictive) because it shows you just how many words you know which gives you a boost in your self esteem when you think that you wern't making progress in your language studies. When you choose another article/story to read it shows you how many words you already know and how many new words there are for you to learn in the article.

Remember, this is to be used in conjunction with whatever language course you're using. No single course can make you fluent. To be fluent you need to get into the habit of reading/writing/thinking/translating in your head and.... most importantly.... speaking the language. LingQ will help you do all those things. I highly recommend it.

Check out Steve Kaufmans website HERE. I'd be interested to get your thoughts too.