Developed by Polish WWII veteran and holocaust survivor, the Michel Thomas Method of learning a language has been used by celebrities, diplomats and the serious student for over 20 years. If you lack confidence or memory skills then this is the course for you. Michel has a gift of making the language stick in your brain.
There has appeared on the scene a copycat using his method albeit under another name: The Paul Noble language courses. His instruction is identical to the Michel Thomas method but the content is far far less than what you'd get from Michel Thomas.
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The concept is simple, Michel is teaching a class of two, man and a woman. You are the third learner in the class. In each of the courses one of them is a little slower at learning the material than the other one. I’m fully convinced that they aren’t actors, its likely that Michel chose to use a slow learner and a fast learner in his courses so that we, the third learner, wont feel intimidated if we don’t learn so fast.
I took French in high school and after five years I couldn’t hold a basic conversation, and my pronunciation was way off. After just the first disc of Michel Thomas French I had learned way more than those 5 years of school. After a few hours of lessons you feel super confidant and can express yourself with relative ease.
Michel Thomas courses are a great place to start when you’re learning a language, you’ll come out with more than just the basics and you’ll learn very quickly.
He personally recorded lessons in French, German, Spanish and Italian. Since Michel Thomas’s death in 2005 more languages have been brought out by people who were trained in his teaching method. You see, Michel Thomas used to charge quite a lot for personal one on one lessons, which is understandable because he would tailor his lessons to you and work at your pace. However, because he had so many students wanting to learn, he opened up a language school were he trained other tutors in his method and sent them out to give lessons. I have tried the Arabic, Polish and Dutch Michel Thomas Method courses and they’re very good… although I do miss hearing Michel Thomas giving the lessons:(
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