On this page I list special items that I have for sale that dont fit into any other catagories. Be sure to come back here and check for new items!
Deutsch Für Ausläder is a course written by Germans, entirely in German for non German speakers. Sounds a little contradictory right? Well, it actually works very well. Right away you're thrown into the German language and it doesnt matter what your native language is - if you were to arrive in Germany and were bombarded with German speakers, German writing and German culture you would pick up the language naturally and effectively. That's how this course works. It's no longer in production and has been made available by a kind user of this site. Here is vol. 1 in PDF and mp3 format.
The Polyglot Library

This is a very special offer im only offering once. This is a hard-drive containing every single language course I own. Even more than whats offered on this site! There is no way I could burn all the contents onto CDs so I've had to transfer it all onto an external hard drive - it's well over 120Gb of language instruction material in many many languages. A complete list is below.
As such, I cant really put a price on this, therefore i'll be selling this on eBay but you'll only be able to find this item by going via here. The eBay description will say it's The Polyglot Library as advertised on this site (eBay probably wouldnt allow this to be sold under normal circumstances.
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Deutsch Leicht Gemacht is a relatively unknown and underrated course. The course is on par with Linguaphone and it's method is very similar to Assimil - with some Linguaphone methodology mixed in. The result is that you'll speak German to the level of O level standard. Which is a great acheivement from just one course.
Also included is the audio - prevously thought lost forever by collectors.
Book is in PDF format the the audio converted to mp3.