How would you like to own the largest language library in exsistance? An external hard drive containing every course on this site and MORE!! This has come about because I fear one day this site may be closed down OR my collection may be lost/destroyed. If that ever happens YOU will have my entire collection and can let the language sharing dream live on.

Pimsleur, Linguaphone, Assimil, Michel Thomas, Teach Yourself... the list goes on. So much that im having to update the catalogue page almost daily to compile a full list (so make sure you keep coming back here to see more and more of what i've got). I beleive this is
the most extensive digital collection in exsistance. Almost all were digitized by me. Meaning that if you own a digital course from somewhere else, mine will be better quality because its been scanned/converted from my personal collection.

You will have access to books, audio courses, video courses, modern methods, classical methods, forgotten methods of learning a language. MANY language to choose from and they're all here on one hard drive.

You will recieve an external hard drive that can be connected to your PC/Laptop and the files transferred to your eReader device/iPad/iPod/cellphone etc.

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Contact me if you are interested and the entire collection can be with you within a week if you're in the UK, or 10 days outside the UK.
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To view the current entire content of my collection click here.

This list is be updated constantly because there's so much on there!!