The Teach Yourself series of books aim to provide you with a non daunting learning experience. They offer a wide range of subjects to study, from Languages to History, Mathematics to Personal Development. They’ve been producing language instruction books since at least the 1950s and they are constantly improving and revamping their catalogue. At time of writing this they currently have around 65 languages to choose from.
Teach Yourself is usually the first course I look for when im starting a new language, I recommend you try them yourself if you havent already.
The language books usually come with a CD but sometimes you have to buy that separately. In my opinion, although the books are very good, most of the CD content is confusing and on it's own almost useless. A word is introduced then you’re given the English word. Then before you have a chance to remember it they move on to the next word and it goes like this until you’ve totally forgotten what it was you were listening to.

In most languages they offer, they aim to get you to level 4 in competency (see level guide here). Their choice of languages is huge. Have a look in your local library or on Amazon and you’ll find plenty.

They regularly revamp and upgrade their books with new illustrations and covers but the content is almost exactly the same as it was 10 years ago. Therefore, my advice is don’t spend over the odds on the newer books when you can still get the previous version for pennies on Amazon.

             The last 4 upgrades of Teach Yourself... the cover designs a different, but the content is almost exactly the same.

Teach Yourself is well structured. It takes you through many situations and subjects and encourages you to speak from day one. I find when learning a language that you need to have planned lessons at least in the beginner-intermediate stage or you’ll get lost in the language not knowing what to learn or when to study a certain aspect of the language. Just remember to not move on to the next lesson until you completely understand the lesson you’ve just been taught. It’s not a race, its Teach Yourself. And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

Some of the newer editions of Teach Yourself Complete...(whatever language) have extra online resourses you can use such as free downloadable apps for your phone.

My rating:
A good honest review by Polyglot Steve Kaufmann
An introduction by me