How To Learn Any Language is a site you'll want to save in your "favourites". Polyglots of the world united under the same goal of conversing, teaching, advising and socialising in different languages. Beginners are catered for too and there's a great forum you can join to ask questions about languages or points that youre stuck on.
Interpals is a great site to meet and talk to people from other countries. Most of them are trying to learn another language and it's a very easy site to get into. After searching for your ideal friend you send them a chat message and from there its up to you two. If you want to practice talking the language you'd usually have to actually GO TO the country where they speak it. In this day and age you can Skype eachother after making friends.  It'll boost your learning and is free.
Fluent In 3 Months was created and still run by Benny Lewis "the Irish Polyglot". His site is a treasure trove of knowledge, useful methods and advice. Benny admits that he's not naturally gifted in languages, and that all it takes to learn any language well is dedication, motivation and to actually speak to native people as much as possible. He considers himself a "language hacker" and is now a full time language teacher. His eBook is FREE to download on his site in which he teaches his language hacking method, he has an email list you can subscribe to and has written a book which is available on amazon now. lets you listen to radio stations all over europe. Its user friendly and you're sure to get a perfect reception everytime. Great for listening to talkshows, phone ins and music in your target language.
Easy Languages is an entirely YouTube based video series that gets you learning the language the way its actually spoken on the streets! Be it Paris, Munich, Rome or Toyko, you'll hear real people being interviewed on a variety of topics. It's great for picking up vocabulary and good for training your ears to listen to the language in its natural flow. The subtitles are in both the target language and English which helps your listening skills. I watch the same video a few times to really take in the conversation. And it's great to be able to pause or replay the same parts if you're confused as to what's been said. Click the picture above or here to visit their page.
Rawlangs is an online blog ran by Alex Rawling - a language teacher and polyglot. He runs monthly language workshops with Richard Simcott in which you can get help learning a language, learning a new alphabet, learn to read and write better in your target language and how to acquire an accent. His blog posts alone make interesting reading and you'll find that whatever sticking point you may be at, he's been there too - or sometimes he's there too! He also runs one on one tuition. Take a look at his site here.
Quizlet is a great website that has flashcards that you can print off or use online. There are many languages to choose from and you can even take tests. You can create an account to keep track of your progress and identifty weak areas that you need to work on. If you like learning by using flashcards you'll love Quizlet. Take a look here.